What does being 'happy' really mean to you?

Happy...happiness - feeling, being happy...what does it mean to you and is it a 'thing' or is it 'stuff'?

Challenging one, isn't it?

This is a question I ask clients often...'are you happy' and so often I get a flat 'no' because of....and then I hear the list.

So here goes, a snippet of a list of 'why' someone may not happy:

  • I don't have enough money
  • I don't like the way I look
  • My husband doesn't pay me enough attention
  • My wife is no longer intimate
  • My family ignores me
  • My boss treats me badly
  • etc, etc, etc....

Does any of the above resonate with you?

If yes is the answer...then perhaps I can offer another perspective that may give you some insights as to 'why' the above may not be as relevant in how happy you could be.

So here goes.

Nothing and no one can make you happy...you can only CHOOSE' to be truly happy, if you find contentment and happiness from within....

Have we all heard this before?

Yes, a better body, more money, etc, can have a positive impact on your dopamine production and give you that fix or high and a sensation of being happy but true happiness, and I mean, the stuff of internal contentment with who you are, not what you have, is the true essence of being happy. Life can and will throw things at you that will upset, create grief or loss, sadness, depression, anxiety or stress...but if you have that emotional intelligence to learn that 'this too will change', and have that inner sanctum of contentment, you are the one to bounce back.

Want to give that a go? Wouldn't it be wonderful to free yourself from the shackles of external pursuits of happiness and finding that sense of being, from within and realizing that being ok with who you are and not what you have, can be the secret to peace and harmony in your life.

So in summary of this mental health awareness week - I hope that you all have a moment in your respective lives, to reflect on what you can be grateful for and find that contentment in whatever that may be.

Need to find that 'thing' to work on? Let's chat.



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