The best therapist has fur and four legs...

Have you noticed how easy it is to speak to a complete stranger, if they have a dog?

So what makes that approach 'ok' or 'safe' to allow any of us, to chat to a complete stranger...only if they have a dog?

I was taking a walk earlier today with my gorgeous 9 month old Shih Tze/Maltese puppy Tilly and stopped for a moment to let her do her 'thing' when a local chap smiled and said, 'gosh she has grown up...I see you in the park a lot with her...what a happy puppy'.

By my own admission, I have also seen this chap many times in the last 12 months but have myself refrained from smiling at him or even saying hello, all because he does not have a dog!

Today, we broke the now I feel 'safer' to say hello as we have a common interest, thanks to Tilly making the space ok to say hello.

Gosh we humans are complicated and in the same breath, simple!

Have a fabulous day and let us all remind ourselves that even if you do not have a dog, we human's love interaction and the simple task of acknowledging someone just for the sake of it, could make their day and also yours!

Give someone a random smile today!

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