Mindfulness Monday Moment

So how do you start your working week?

Is Monday the day that starts with a jolt or does it evolve with a slow burn?

Let's try a strategy that has worked for me - finding the 'anticipation' rather than 'the burden' for the beginning of your working week.

Create a new routine by applying a couple of positive steps to start your day well!

  • wake up half an hour earlier and make yourself a fabulous cup of tea, coffee or another beverage, and really be in the moment
    • feel the cup
    • enjoy the temperature
    • smell the aroma
    • savor the very first sip to the very last
  • make this time technology free as well....remember, keeping your mind clear of distraction will help in focusing on the moment and mindfulness is critical in setting the mode for the day and helping you prepare to be on your best game

There are so many ways to centre yourself with mindfulness being at the top of the tree - when we feel overwhelmed for example, it is mostly brought on by 'loading' ourselves with too many things, all at once...resulting in feeling out of control and not in touch with where we are, what we are doing or where we are going.

So start today with a new perspective - value your time, your actions - derive pleasure from the simplest of tasks such as enjoying your beverage...without distraction....and see how your day evolves...

Need some more tips? Let's chat.

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