Learning to decipher what is no longer serving you and embracing what is good for you...

Sometimes I ponder, how our youth has set a precedent of how we look at the world through our adult eyes...do we and can we, reflect honestly enough and on a conscious level, realize that much of our programming and presets come from what we have learned as a child and how we have been 'shown' a certain behaviour by those around us through those formidable years.

Can we make choices?

Do we have the capacity to find a pathway that serves us better?

Of course we can...if we choose to...

What do you really want from your life? Is it to 'tell someone' how to behave, or, is it more about 'what is good for me'?

If we change that narrative around what is no longer good for us, such as toxic relationships, abusive friendships and co-dependency, is the onus on the other person to change or is it up to us to make that call whether we continue to accept?

Interesting concept huh....

In order to make better life choices, we need to ask ourselves:

Is this good for me...?

Only then can you start to discard what is no longer working for you, good for you and embrace a future that is more to your alignment and your authentic self.

Need some pointers on how to do this? Let's have a chat.

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