KISS - Keeping It Simple....Solution!

We have heard of the KISS theory - keeping all things simple, silly!

So why then, do we find ways to make life complicated, filled with conflict and generally struggle through situations?

Scenario example: When someone in your life is absolutely keen for you to go along with their narrative, their thoughts and their belief systems....'you know, you have to forget the past, let go of it and get on with it, forget it ever happened...'

Firstly, can we forget...answer...NO!

And secondly, do you have your own way of dealing with life?...answer...YES!

We do not have a delete button in our brains and quite frankly, forgetting is suppressing and suppression will build and one day you will be like a volcano, and not only the stream will find its way out but the stuff  has to get out as well.

So when someone in your life pressures you to do it their way...we have a choice how we deal with such a confrontational situation:

One: Defend yourself and go into justification mode as to why you won't do as that person suggests....


Two: Acknowledge with respect, that you have heard what that someone has said, nod your head, use the words..'ah huh'...'ok' and 'thanks'...and just leave it at that!

Simple right....

Staying in your lane is simple, clean and takes courage to be comfortable in silence and it takes emotional agility to not have to defend your reasons why...when we defend or step into someone else's narrative, we start the combative communication style which then becomes a debate and we all know where that a heated scenario that we all wish we could avoid.

What do you prefer? Conflict or Calm?

Your choice - your call - you can....take the path of least resistance and keep it simple....

Want to learn how to communicate with less conflict, let's have a run through...

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