Is anxiety and depression taking control of your life? Do you need a few strategies to manage this period?

So how does anxiety, depression and peace, work within our our psychological minds and with our neurotransmitters?

Sometimes explanations to what anxiety and depression means, is complicated, convoluted and gives rise to more anxiety and depression so it can be seen as 'too much for me to handle' and then we find ourselves in that same rollercoaster of ruminating and staying within that vicious cycle.

Shall I break it down...simplify the concept of these terms whilst still validating the realness and pain they both create?

If we can comprehend the fundamental concept around anxiety and depression, we may be better placed to challenge our thoughts and make sense of negative narratives and find some peace in our own respective journeys.

Outside of each of our own life's experiences, we have choices as to how we consider them, how they could affect our future and therefore create that cycle of thinking 'back then' and 'beyond today' or, be present and mindful and enjoy 'the moment'.

Living in it's primal is being in the moment, mindful, present and experiencing all that there is on offer now...the power of now...

So if we think about the past, and all that has happened, trying to make sense of it, is the underpinning of depression.

To avoid what may happen in the future, to be fearful of what could occur, is the underpinning of us no reason to look forward as it is going to be 'yucky'.

So in summary -

If you are depressed, you may be focusing too much on the past.

If you are anxious, you could be too focused on the future.

and if you are at peace, you are most likely living in the here and the present...

Choices - shall we take that journey and find how to implement strategies to be more in control of our thoughts, rather than letting our thoughts control us? Call now to book a 'tune up' session and right your thoughts.


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