GAD - have you been diagnosed with a 'generalized anxiety disorder'...and what does it really mean...

At some stage in our lives, we may experience a moment in time of feeling anxious in several areas of our lives, such as job responsibilities, health, finance, or minor concerns (eg: completing housework, that report, etc).

Anxiety (with the most common interpretation being generalized anxiety) in its simplest form, is a mental and physical reaction to a perceived threat...and that is where we really need to focus...


In small doses, anxiety is actually helpful. It protects us from danger and focuses our attention on problems.

But when anxiety is too severe or occurs too frequently, it can become debilitating.

Is there a quick fix, solution and remedy to stop anxiety happening? Can we manage it when it does occur and how and what style of strategies are available to us to ensure our lives are not disrupted negatively with this otherwise 'natural' response?

The answer is yes...and no....

Our first steps are to unpack what the triggers are by talking about that moment when we do experience an event, that translates into anxiety. Using CBT to look at unhealthy thinking patterns is a start, along with relaxation techniques and learning to 'embrace' the situation with less fear and more awareness.

Our 'thinking' and automatic thoughts can create all sorts of dramas in our lives and sometime we are so habitual in those negative thoughts, it becomes a learned behaviour, and subsequently becomes our new normal.

So let's talk about your anxiety - look at what you are avoiding and challenge those thoughts to see another perspective and unwind the stress that this causes...

Do you want a life that offers you the path of least resistance? Let's chat.




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