Does a 'one size fits all' approach to mental health stop you from moving forward?

So, you're feeling anxious, a little out of sorts and maybe a tad despondent, erring on the depressed side, but not quite?

What do all those feelings equate to if you went to your GP and asked for a 'diagnosis'? Would you be...'suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder'...or you may get, 'Acute Anxiety', or it could be 'Disassociate Disorder'...

So, which one is it then? Will you accept said diagnosis and walk away...patting yourself on the back and thinking that life sucks, you can't 'help' it and then 'become' your diagnosis? Are you your diagnosis or are you currently going through an event/a moment in time, that describes your diagnosis?

Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely critical that you seek help when you feel that your emotions, behaviours and your overall abilities to cope with everyday life has been compromised....but do you look deeper than the diagnosis, within yourself, drill down into the 'how' so that you can truly understand where you are today and how to have a better tomorrow?

The most important asset in life we ourselves...

We are all individuals, unique in our own way from our culture, heritage, gender, race...the families who raised us, the era in which we grew up in...there are so many dynamic elements to life, which makes us all so incredibly diverse. Sometimes we need some professional guidance or a 'tune up' to navigate 'back to ourselves'.

Invest in you by talking to a therapist that you connect with and feel safe with, to unpack all of those elements which are immersed within our uncertain feelings and emotions and let's get to the bottom of your authentic self.

Find you....let's chat....



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