Co-dependency - to avoid the pitfall, one needs to empower, not take power:

Are you 'Miss' or 'Mr' Fix it?

Do you jump in when your loved one or friend has a challenge and they are struggling with what or how to move forward?

Are you doing the best for them?

An interesting question is our primal instinct to 'fix it' but what are the consequences of doing that? Do we make the problem go away or do we create another problem that we may not be able to fix in the future?

Co-dependency has long been identified as a scenario and situation that is best avoided, so that each and every one of us do not loose the ability to cope, manage and get through life's challenges under our own steam. is lovely and sometimes flattering for someone to 'fix' a situation but how are you going to deal with that situation, if it were to raise its head in the future again, and that knight in shining armor is not there....then it is up to you!

So how do you support and not take someone's power...well, you 'empower'....

Supporting someone through a crisis can be overwhelming and confronting so your contribution can waver...which is ok by the way...we are human after all!

So what to do? Be present - not you make someone feel (valued) is far more powerful a support than taking that 'power' by doing....

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