Boost your mood with food. Integrative strategies to improve your state of mind. It is more than your thoughts.

We have all heard of 'integrative' health and wellbeing, 'holistic' approaches to your wellness.

So, what does this really mean?

More of my patients are presenting with generalized anxiety, depression and severe stress recently and curiously, I have asked one question, and in most of these cases the answer has been unanimous.

The question: 'So what is your diet like?'

Answer: 'Terrible...not good, could be better....'

How many of you realize that what you consume, from food to liquids, has a direct link and can affect your capacity to think more positively, help you build more emotional resilience and effectively, support you in a better life overall?

We know diet and exercise is important, but did you know that these two elements are only part of the picture when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing as well as your mental health?

Let's look at the below scenarios:

  1. You are a health nut - you spend hours each day doing exercise and punch out those weights, run kilometers and look fabulous in your underwear, but you still suffer from stress and anxiety and generally don't like yourself or feel unwell
  2. You see a counsellor or therapist and found that you are not getting anywhere. You still have anxiety, depression or still feel stressed. You are unhappy and struggle to sleep well and are tired a lot of the time

Do any of the above resonate? With the two scenarios above, there was one common denominator in both cases - neither patient had a healthy diet:

  • One ate carbs all the time because it was easy and drank coffee and energy drinks to keep awake
  • The other ate fried and fatty foods, no fresh fruits of vegetables and only had one or two glasses of fizzy water (not pure water) a day

Unless we support our bodies with healthy food and liquids, supporting our good gut bacteria in order to allow maximum absorption of nutrients into our system - no matter how many times we see our therapist or how much we exercise, if your diet is not on parr, your overall wellness is just not going to get you there.

A balance of your body health, your mind heath and a sense of contentment and peace are all possible if you observe the integrative and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Need some strategies to get back on track and more importantly, are you invested in you, the whole you, from top to bottom and from the inside and out, then you have come to the right place. Let's get that system of yours running at its optimum.


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