Are you in a healthy relationship?

Phew...this is a tough one...what works for one may not suit another.

Do you have conflict in your relationship and how do you deal with said conflict?

Does this mean 'you are in trouble' because there are differences and things you may not necessarily agree with?

In essence - conflict is necessary for a sustainable and healthy relationship...

How can this be you ask?

Because there is no connection more powerful than two people bringing their individualities to the table with no intention of diluting each other’s essence, but instead, celebrating what makes each other unique.

It is not the conflict that is the issue, it is the manner in how that conflict is dealt with!

Counselling can help...finding positive problem solving strategies to develop a resilient relationship so you can accept 'being different'.

Need to 'shift' some negative energy? Let's work on this together. Book your session here.

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