Are you constantly seeking validation from others? Want to 'switch' that off and take control of you?

I just came back from a professional group gathering this morning...and yes, it could be referred to as a 'networking' session although this particular group is far more elegant and subtle about their mandate.

We gather with like minded individuals, from all walks of life but with the inherent integrity of good conversation without the need to 'sell' any of our services or refreshing! this gathering and over some fabulous coffee, there was an interesting theme that came up in a few of the conversations that I was participating in and listening to...a theme that I feel was worth sharing as it will resonate with so many of you.

The meaning of life for ourselves is now even more important than ever before and eliminating what is no longer serving us is top of mind

As I listened to one of these conversations, it became evident that in order to find true and authentic satisfaction in life, the concept of 'more money, better cars, bigger houses' was not the be all and the end fact, to be a slave to those material desires can become addictive and in the end can take over your life to the extent that you are 'existing' only to fuel that need/ego and desire.

So the true and real meaning of life is HOW you feel in what you are doing, no so much as WHAT you are doing...

Does that make sense? It did to me....and loudly so! 

When we have a few years under our belts (and yes, I have many of those clocked up!), we can reflect and evaluate the how and what and pending on the what that may have transpired in your past, you may have come through with a sense of 'what is good for me now'...

So much of what is related to how we position ourselves in our world, is what society expects from us or more importantly, the pressure of expectation we place upon ourselves to look a certain way to the outside world.

So if I shared with you, that you could navigate a pathway whereby you can learn enough about yourself to ensure that any of your life's choices are made to reflect your true and authentic self, resulting in you being content without the pressure of 'chasing that proverbial rainbow' and expecting that life will be better if you reach that goal? Would that be a life worth pursuing?

The first step is to be honest with yourself and ask...'do I want to please everyone else or should I invest in me', so that you can then be positioned to be the best version of you, in order to be there for loved ones, family, friends and those in need, rather than seeking that constant validation from others and indirectly, giving you up for others to manipulate, alter and push in opposing directions.

The ultimate version of validation comes from the evolution of self, to know, really know, you - who you are, what you need and finding the strategies and skills to be whole within that is true power.


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