Are you being heard in your relationship and what will it take to transform?

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you tried to discuss this with your partner and found that you were talking to a brick wall?

Let's help you identify and navigate the differences that two people experience in relationships, find those strategies to get you both back on that pathway of reconnection and reignite your love language.

If you could establish a way to transform your relationship with a little support, would you try?

The fundamentals of a transformational relationships lie in the express desire to want to focus on the other person, and ourselves as second. To do so enables us to invest emotionally in the relationship because we want to be with our partner, driven by unconditional love, not unmet need.

A transformational relationship feels different - they are warmer, more exciting and intense and ultimately make you feel safe, which is ironically the fundamental underpinning of our needs, according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. These relationships are geared towards self-improvement, ongoing emotional growth whilst challenging yourself and your inner strengths.

Transformational relationships are our most significant ones - not only personally, but professionally. In any and all connections with other human beings, if we approach those connections with a transformational approach, then we have a growth mindset that triggers a deeper awareness and emotional growth with lasting power, as well as respect and curiosity.

A few tips on 'how' to build a transformational relationship:

  • Listen, with the intent to understand
  • Take absolute ownership, of YOU!
  • Be truthful and honest, about how you feel
  • Ask for feedback and have a 'sharing' mindset
  • Keep your promises - so be respectful of those you make
  • Own your mistakes - admit to them, and again, own them

As a final thought - a transformational relationship requires a focused emotional investment, the transparency between partners and the time it takes are to be treasured and because of this, they are seen as a catalyst for personal growth.

Take the journey to let go of fear, build trust and start feeling safe, so you can be just that, YOU....

If you change nothing, then nothing will change


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