Are all relationship problems the same?

Are you disengaged from one another and is communication at an all time low?

Fundamentally, any breakdown in any relationship, from partnerships, to work colleagues, friendships and indeed, any connection between two people or more, is the possible lack of understanding of the other persons perspective and the potential to be intolerant of same.

In essence, we could all get on if there are some principles that we can abide by which in a heated moment, get's lost in translation.

Sound too good to be true?

Reflect back on any of your conflicts....what was the core issue or challenge that could not be overcome?

I am not being heard

This would have to be the first thing that most patients would share - they are not being heard. If we break this down even further, we could identify potentially that the manner in which the communication is being offered, may not be conducive to being heard. We have so many ways to share a story and one trap that we so often fall into is 'telling' our story...when we tell, we inadvertently dictate, forcing our opinion onto another. What happens when we try and convince someone of 'our' way...we go on the defensive...

When sharing we are coming from our heart, our perspective, without accusation and the energy behind the words are 'felt' by ourselves and not 'directed' at another.

How you can 'share' in a way that is not telling....'I feel frustrated when dirty dishes are left in the sink. Would you mind doing the dishes tonight'. 

To be open about how you feel is being authentic and is not trying to skirt the issue and make it bigger than what it is.

Communication is the heart and soul of all verbal events - the start, middle and end of relationships, business, friendships and everything that embodies being human and our interactions.

If we can learn the art of communication from a space that does not take away our identity, gives rise to tolerance & respect for a mutually beneficial outcome, would that be a choice you would make with all your conversations to avoid conflict?

Lets' chat about how you can create more peace in your life.


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